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Complete part assemblies through the SETTI service


+Saves time for the customer’s procurement managers.

The customer can rest assured that the part assemblies in question have a capable supplier, so the focus can be shifted to strategically important areas.

+Saves production resources and investment funds for the customer.

There is no need to maintain resources and equipment, and the number of variables in the customer’s production process is reduced.

+ Streamlines the customer’s method planning process with fewer areas to consider at any one time.

The resources can be allocated to a single area.

+ Reduces loss.

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Markus Kinnunen

SETTI service – installation-ready assemblies

Once the cooperation has been established through the component service, the partnership usually extends to the SETTI service, which involves the supply of machine-specific partial or full assemblies directly to the customer’s assembly line or other production process. This means that Kirike assumes more responsibility for the product supply chain and supplier network, which frees up some of the customer’s resources for core business.

With the SETTI service, the customer receives ready-made partial or full assemblies that, in addition to the components manufactured by Kirike, can include any other parts needed for the installation, such as bearings, hoses, pins, bolts and nuts.

The goal is to provide assemblies that serve our customers’ needs in the best possible way. The assembly and kitting of the finished products take place in the same space as the surface treatment, which ensures the seamless flow of the manufacturing process with no need for intermediate storage.

In addition to our own expertise, the products provided through the SETTI service can employ the skills of our specialist network and include purchased components, such as hydraulic motors or cylinders. In addition to manufacturing, we handle component procurements through our own network or the suppliers indicated by the customer. This can involve a part assembly of a larger machine that the customer will assemble and test before delivery to the end customer. The customer’s own ERP system can also be utilised in conjunction with the service.