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Machining and welding through the component service

Our services:

  • Boring, reaming
  • Welding
  • Robot welding
  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Drilling
  • Powder painting


+  Saves time and effort for the customer’s procurement staff.

Diverse machine shop services can be obtained from a single provider without having to commission the different work phases from separate companies.

+  Saves time for the customer’s quality management organisation.

Our certifications and a visit or audit with us are usually enough to convince our customers of our uncompromising quality and the benefits of partnership.

+ Saves time for the materials staff.

We make sure that the assemblers working at the assembly line stay happy.

+ Reduces loss.

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Markus Kinnunen

Boring, reaming

Boring enables the machining of precise fitted holes, planes, threaded holes etc.

The boring mill is, in a way, a combination of a drill and horizontal milling machine to which a 360° rotating table has been added to enable the machining of every side without detaching the workpiece. This naturally ensures better productivity and dimensional accuracy.

In a basic boring mill, the rotating table enables the piece to be machined from four sides with a single attachment. A boring mill with an angled head can be used to machine a piece from five sides with a single attachment. The versatility of the machine is increased by its large ranges of motion and high load-bearing capacity, which enable the machining of sizeable workpieces.

We typically bore welded and dimensionally accurate machine parts, such as crane booms and articulated joints as well as various frame structures and braces for work machines.

Robot welding and manual welding

Welding is a special process that requires a great deal of practical and theoretical expertise. We have paid special attention to quality management with regard to welding and employ an ISO 3834-2 quality management system for welding. In addition to this, we ensure systematic operations and compliance with the ISO 9001 requirements, and train our production and sales staff to serve as international welding specialists (IWS). Our welding coordinators have obtained the IWS and IWE qualifications. Our quality assurance scheme also includes NDT inspections through our partners.

We supplement our manual welding services with a versatile robot welding cell, which increases productivity and cost efficiency and ensures uniform quality. The flexible production methods enable welding work to meet a wide variety of needs. In robot welding, we typically weld long boom-like pieces on the positioner side, while the L table is used for welding cubic pieces because it can be rotated to position them in a cost-effective manner.

Powder painting

We finish our products using the environmentally friendly and cost-effective powder painting method. To save time and reduce the number of work phases, the surface treatment can be conducted before the machining phases.

Even a single layer of powder paint ensures good corrosion protection. Blasting the steel to meet the Sa2½ requirement, finishing the edges carefully and adding a single 120 µm layer of polyester powder paint ensures C4-M class corrosion protection. With wet painting, an equivalent level of corrosion protection can be reached with Sa2½ and 240 µm three-layer painting. In other words, powder painting provides the same result with fewer work phases and faster lead time.


Instead of doing everything yourself, why not focus on your strengths? Our extensive network of partners provides our customers with access to a vast pool of expertise and services. With us, you get a wide range of services from a single provider.