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Kirike’s operating principles

Contract manufacturing with over 35 years of experience

Kirike’s operations are based on quality, cost efficiency and punctuality. World-class quality is ensured by local expertise, which has been passed down from one generation to the next and which is regularly bolstered with the latest techniques and methods of the field.

Maintaining the 35 years of experience and continuously developing the operations has been possible thanks to the cost efficiency that stems from capable personnel, the desire to do things better than everyone else, and close cooperation with customers. Alongside common sense, the operations are guided by the following:

  • Lemonsoft’s ERP system
  • Customer standards and requirements
  • Certified management systems ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2.

Comprehensive service and true partnership

Our specific strengths are customer service based on true partnership, the SETTI service providing ready-made part assemblies, and unmatched production expertise forged by a long tradition of machine shop work.

Kirike’s skill shines in the production of demanding welded and machined assemblies. We have strong experience of handling structural steel grades S355 – STRENX 700/ S690QL.

Our long-term cooperation with domestic and international industry has imbued us with know-how that ensures a high level of quality, delivery reliability and cost efficiency. As a proficient contract manufacturer, we can flexibly respond to our customers’ changing needs through our diverse range of services.